What can Simply Warranty do for you?

What Can An Effective Warranty Management System Do For You?

Getting the right tools to do the right job is mission critical for any business, making sure that key criteria and an understanding of your business practices are followed is where we come in!

With an effective warranty management system projecting and managing warranty costs becomes simple. Production can make changes during manufacturing to react to issues in the field. Costs can be controlled, defects can be addressed immediately to avoid massive recalls, and you can see the financial impacts to your bottom line instantly.

With the advent of technology the challenge sometimes become the learning curve both in-house and at the dealer level to work within such new environments. Simply Warranty was developed to meet the needs of OEM’s at all levels of design. It is simple to use, easy to understand, yet robust and tested in the field with thousands dealers using it everyday! We learned from their experiences and this will benefit you immensely upon deployment! No time down, no “white knuckle” challenges expected. 

The system is extremely fast, automated by logic. Log in – and use it as opposed to being challenged each and every time. Understand the impact of sales cycles, ensuring your dealers shelves are kept stocked, in both their parts departments and showrooms at all times with the minimum requirements, will enhance your end-users experience – This is what everyone dreams about having – The Right Tools and Results!

Stop invalid and duplicate claims from happening instantly. With the right system quality and production issues are dealt with in real-time – not after the fact! Claims processing become part of the dealer’s routine. The most important person is on the line – The customer. Getting your customer serviced and out the door is mission critical. Simply Warranty gives you the power to make this happen.

Reduce Your Workload – The dealer handles the delivery information and warranty claims, so there is no delay or time consuming entry of data from paper forms 

  • Support your customers – Immediate information on adjudication and status for better Dealer relations.
  • Control your policies – Your policies and procedures built into the business logic. Ensure compliance with recall notices, service bulletins, labour codes, repair codes, etc.
  • Expand your reporting – Examine product failure trends easily, invaluable for proactive Quality Control.
  • Rule your data – Data is maintained in a PostgreSQL database and can be exported for further use and optionally connected to a wide variety of ERP / CRM systems.
  • Know your customers – Having end user data allows your marketing department to be more proactive, thank repeat purchasers, and inform them of upgrades, dealer changes, and new products. The Sky is the Limit!
  • Own your brand – Simply Warranty can be white labeled (Branded) for a coherent marketing message to your dealer network