OEM Vendor Marketing Solutions

In today's competitive marketplace having an exceptional web marketing strategy is essential for any manufacturer. Making sure your products are properly presented, inclusive of images, detailed specifications, videos, presentations etc. at the dealer level is a serious challenge.

The trough of information available is endless - Getting the dealers to actually update and keep current your products that (may) appear on their web solution is truly becoming a daunting task for everyone.

"Print is extremely expensive, shotgun at best, and certainly does not afford you the ability to showcase your entire product line within its pages". Who could afford to? So many feature one product, hoping that will spark their reader's interest enough to have them view everything they offer online.

I call this "Shotgun versus Target". The web is where it is at. It has been accepted and embraced by everyone.

We offer a complete OEM "Turnkey" strategy. From your control panel instantly update your entire company products, inclusive of parts, service, finance, specials etc. all within each of their respective approved resellers websites. Just imagine: Pre-determined product roll-outs, end of season sales - become simple tasks nationwide!

We can connect to many other CMS solutions using an API interface from within a sandbox. We have successfully achieved this for many other applications to cross over data streams.

If you wish to harness your companies' future online fill in the provided contact form or call me direct at 1-888-795-2877 Ext 109 - David Purdy, President.

Turn Key Web Solutions