Getting Started?

Getting started is actually quite easy. If your existing data can be exported to an xls or csv file then we can manipulate the data so that it can be imported directly into Simply Warranty.

This gives you a new starting point, as well as the ability to add any history required to backfill prior to launching. The system allows for all details to be added regarding your entire downstream, (dealers and/or distributors) each is setup with their own log in permissions and existing stock on ground or units in the system are also added to ensure a seamless startup.

The system can, of course, import details with regards to inventory in the field, parts on hand etc. We have a complete array of standard forms in place to make the efforts required to do this simply. With the advent of technology the challenge sometimes become the learning curve both in-house and at the dealer level to work within such new environments. Simply Warranty was developed to meet the needs of OEM’s at all levels of design. It is simple to use, easy to understand, yet robust and tested in the field with thousands dealers using it everyday! We learned from their experiences and this will benefit you immensely upon deployment! No time down, no “white knuckle” challenges expected.


The Simply Warranty pricing structure is quite simple; we work on volume, # of units in the system each and every year, the timeline they are under warranty (or extended warranty) and of course the duration you want to keep the historic data online and available. It’s that simple.

Tell us your history, your current year and future projections – and with that information we can very quickly give you a price that simply makes sense. Whether you sell 500, 1000, 2500, 50000 or more units per year, or wish to track details about hundred of thousands of units, it’s what you want that matters. If your ideas change, volumes increase – the system can change with you!

What we suggest is a demonstration of the software – call it, “lets get to know each other session” from there, we can best determine what components suit your needs, and if any customizations are required to compliment your work flow. Customizations are usually not required unless you have specialized reports to use with accounting or imports for other software systems.