How can Simply Warranty benefit my business – Today and Tomorrow and beyond?

Simply Warranty is not the new kid in town; we have been playing in this sandbox for years. What we have done for thousands of dealers is enable them take care of the customer as priority # 1, ultimately reducing costs, waiting periods, ensure sufficient stock levels to enable quicker repair or replacement turnarounds.

Simply Warranty helps all OEM’s and their respective distributors, suppliers, dealer / retailer network focus on increasing business opportunities as opposed to putting out fires. In short we make it easy for your company to grow!

Automating, enabling, consolidating through integration regardless of formats has become standard business practice. Effectively managing this process will improve communications and standardize workflow and policy.

Understanding, analyzing final products lifecycles will reduce failures and assist in corrective measures across all aspects of your business.

Keeping all members of your front line informed allows for corrective measures to be taken which ultimately assists in instantly addressing pro-active measures and emerging trends. Warding off recalls, which enhances the end users experience – bottom line makes all the difference.


  • Secure online data entry and validation
  • Automated Claim Adjudication
  • Streamlined Inventory / Service Management
  • eNVIS (New Vehicle Information Statement)
  • Secure online data entry and validation
  • eTitle (New Titling for USA registration)
  • eNVIS / eTitle Search Functionality
  • ePDI – Pre-delivery Inspections
  • ePDI – Search Functionality
  • Extended Warranty Association
  • Bar-Coding Management
  • Limitation of Liability Certification
  • Parts and Labour Management
  • Publish Service Bulletins
  • Importing and Updating of Pricing and Rates
  • Defect Complaint Code Management
  • Flowchart Specific Claims Management
  • Parts Ordering System
  • Exports data in CSV form for manipulation.
  • Configure by item - warranty periods
  • Record Change of Ownership
  • Warranty Recall Notification System
  • TREAD compliant
  • Real-time processing


  • Facilitates accurate data gathering per unit
  • You control the entire arbitration management
  • Automates and creates efficient processes
  • Canada – Register and report, no delays
  • USA – Register, Track, Submit – no delays
  • Find and track all units registered
  • Ensure requirements are followed prior to delivery
  • Stop - PDI related warranty claims
  • Enable Extended warranty sales – instantly
  • Government requirement compliant
  • Ensure warranty is explained in detail
  • Control labour dollars, verify parts association
  • Keep your service network current – instantly
  • Eliminate overpayments and set rates instantly
  • Updates by unit, products are easily controlled
  • See the entire picture, adjust accordingly
  • Ensure proper parts levels are maintained
  • Talk to other systems, accounting etc.
  • You set the periods, you control the limitations
  • Keep current data on end users, marketing 101
  • Instantly touch those as the need arises
  • Government requirement fulfilled
  • Become pro-active and take control!
  • Stop delays, increase efficiency, Maximize Gains!