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Getting the right tools to do the right job is mission critical for any business, making sure that key criteria and an understanding of your business practices are followed is where we come in!


The Simply Warranty workflow is designed to work with Manufacturer, Distributor and Dealer users in mind. Our software supports both English and French. Additional Languages can easily be added should the requirement be part of the overall solution design.

The application is designed to easily control and import a Manufacturer's and Distributor's inventory for proper cloud based Inventory and Claims Management and Adjudication.

  • You can link inventory items to claims, parts and labour.
  • Publish Service Bulletins and recall notification information.
  • Issue NVIS / Title / Registration and PDI / In-Service forms and record the chain of ownership.
  • Control warranty periods by models.

Although your dealers initiate a warranty claim, you are the final arbitrator. The application is customizable to your specific environment as required. It creates a seamless pathway for information to flow in a controlled environment between your dealership network or across multiple entry points worldwide.

Simply Warranty Workflow

Streamlined Inventory Management

  • Importing records could not be easier - CSV import process
  • Manage and associate inventory items by dealer to quickly track what is left in stock - Inventory Control
  • Reporting could not easier - quickly export all pertinent details for effective reporting reviews
  • Linking inventory items to claims, parts, and labor could not be easier - streamline in real-time
Streanlined Invnetory Management

Form Management Module

  • Issuing of eNVIS forms (Canada – licensed unit)
  • NVIS searching functionality
  • Issuing of eTitle forms (USA – Licensed unit)
  • eTitle searching functionality
  • eRegistration for products ( Units with no serial number)
  • eRegistration searching functionality
  • Bar-coding feature
Form Management Module

PDI Form Management Module

  • Issuing of ePDI forms
  • ePDI searching functionality
  • Bar-coding feature
  • Customizable Limitation of Liability certification
  • Extended warranty feature
PDI Form Management Module

Parts and Labor Management

  • Importing
  • Updating pricing and rates
  • Flowchart-specific claims management
  • Defect and complaint code management
  • Parts ordering system
  • Generic and customized reporting functionality
Parts and Labor Management

Advanced Online Warranty Processing Made Simple

Reporting on warranty data is not enough; it’s reactive and too late. is the proactive management tool that uses real- time methods to process, monitor, adjudicate and analyze the warranty process

What will Simply Warranty do for you?

  • Reduce Your Workload – The dealer handles the delivery information and warranty claims, so there is no delay or time consuming entry of data from paper forms
  • Control your policies – Your policies and procedures built into the business logic. Ensure compliance with recall notices, service bulletins, labour codes, repair codes, etc.
  • Expand your reporting – Examine product failure trends easily, invaluable for proactive Quality Control.
  • Rule your data – Data is maintained in a PostgreSQL database and can be exported for further use and optionally connected to a wide variety of ERP / CRM systems.
  • Know your customers – Having end user data allows your marketing department to be more proactive, thank repeat purchasers, inform them of upgrades, dealer changes, new products. The Sky is the Limit!
  • Own your brand – Simply Warranty can be white labeled (Branded) for a coherent marketing message to your dealer network.
Advanced Online Warranty Processing Made Simple


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