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The Warranty and Product Registration System is a cloud based Enterprise Warranty System.

It will significantly expedite your online claims and registration for your dealer network and end users.

It is comprehensive and adaptable to your current technical environment.

Simply Warranty is easy to deploy and easy to use. Since it’s cloud based there is no special software or ongoing updates for you to manage.

It is available 24/7 from anywhere, anytime. Import your current data so you have your historical information on a single platform. The software is multilingual compliant.

Simply Warranty has all the features you would expect and more: import your data, VINS, products, registrations, parts, dealers etc. via CSV or our API.

Simply Warranty is ideal for Recall, CRM, TREAD, Titling and NVIS.

Easy to use, on screen registration and warranty claim submission for you and your dealer network.

Call today for a confidential demonstration 1-888-795-2876

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